Corinthian International Parking Services LA Inc., is proud to present its environmentally sustainable eco-wash at the following locations:

“Why not treat your car to a wash while you shop…?”

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How do the products work?

We use superior, non-toxic, phosphate free, bio-degradable soaps and super lubricants that liquefy and dissolve dirt, floating it up and away from the vehicles’ delicate surfaces. Best of all the products we use are designed to be high in lubricity (and low in friction), resulting in a product that can never harm any surface on your vehicle.

How is this environmentally friendly?

By almost entirely removing the need for water, the CIPS eco-wash not only eliminates the need for treatment of polluted water, but also reduces CO2 emissions. For every 150 gallons of water used, a pound of harmful CO2 emissions is released into our atmosphere. By conserving 98% of the water used with every car wash, CIPS helps to avoid 99% of the CO2 emissions generated by a “standard” car wash facility. On average the CIPS eco-wash saves over 60 gallons of water per each basic car wash… that’s an estimated 220,000+ gallons of water per year!